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Join a Community Group or small group!

Fall is just around the corner, which means we are gearing up to re-start Small Groups (SG's) & Community Groups (CG's). Many of you already know what these are and where you'll invest your time, but for those who don't and as a reminder...

Community Groups - 10-20 men & women who gather every two weeks for fun & friendship + missional living & bible study -- a great on-ramp for getting plugged into Crossroads, especially for new believers.

Small Groups - 4-8 men or women who gather every 1-2 weeks to encourage one another in the faith through developing deeper relationships and studying the Bible together. Anyone can join a Small Group!

Each kind of group serves a different purpose, and their meeting times are intended to stagger with each other. You are welcome to participate in both CG's and SG's or just to pick one or the other. Our hope is that through at least one, you would be encouraged and strengthened in your faith.

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